Monday, September 3, 2012

Tool #3 - Videos and Images

Now this is what I like.
The only thing I see of use in blogging is the usage of videos. A blog is a great place to post videos that other teachers can borrow, students can view in a safe place, and parents can reference.
I am actually quite excited about this portion of my blog.

Here is a video we have shown in our classroom. This is a great video about a small group of young boys from Croydon, London. This group, Libera, is a phenomenal group that needs to be shown to everyone.

Here it is:

 Here is a video of me singing. I am a professional soprano, and I like to show my students (especially other sopranos) how to sing with a free and easy vibrato.


Fair Use and copyright can be so complicated. As I have bought the DVD of Libera, I have a fair use right to show this video as I am not making any profit. The video of me singing has been agreed upon by the other two ladies singing. I own the rights to my own voice.

I really enjoyed this blog.

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