Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tool #9 - Incorporation

Technology for technology's sake is a waste of time, money, and resources. To use technology in the classroom or in any other way for the sheer purpose of incorporating technology is worthless. I feel that all students need to feel like what they are doing is worthwhile and not just for the sake of doing it. 

Tool #8 - Classroom devices

I love most of the technology in my classroom. Compared to the Windows 98 computer I had last year at my old school, and the lack of a boom-box etc, I am thrilled with most of the technology I have now.  
The iMac that we have is phenomenal and we use it every day without fail. It enables us to come from behind the piano and interact with the students. It's one of those things that I did not know I wanted until I had it.

Tool #7 - Collaboration

My sister is a teacher in the UK. I have always wanted to combine with her choir, virtually. Eric Whitacre, a famous composer, did this with people from around the world. I would love to combine with other choirs around the world and make one performance out of it! I think it would be amazing.

Tool #6

I understand these programs and actually use Skype and Twitter in my personal life. I still do not know if I would use these in a choir class. We have limited time with these students and need to perfect the choir for the concerts. I do not see the value in my class but I do see the value in language arts in general.

Tool #5

I have used these tools many times before. There are some really good websites out there. Some are really bad though and are a waste of time.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tool #4 - Documents

Documents write themselves.
To edit, one must share the document through Google Docs.
I am very well versed in the process of Documents, Sharing Documents, and Google Docs.

Tool #3 - Videos and Images

Now this is what I like.
The only thing I see of use in blogging is the usage of videos. A blog is a great place to post videos that other teachers can borrow, students can view in a safe place, and parents can reference.
I am actually quite excited about this portion of my blog.

Here is a video we have shown in our classroom. This is a great video about a small group of young boys from Croydon, London. This group, Libera, is a phenomenal group that needs to be shown to everyone.

Here it is:

 Here is a video of me singing. I am a professional soprano, and I like to show my students (especially other sopranos) how to sing with a free and easy vibrato.


Fair Use and copyright can be so complicated. As I have bought the DVD of Libera, I have a fair use right to show this video as I am not making any profit. The video of me singing has been agreed upon by the other two ladies singing. I own the rights to my own voice.

I really enjoyed this blog.